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It’s Dr. Fisher’s goal to provide the highest quality of care of his patients can live pain-free. Learn more about hip and knee pain, treatment options and the benefits of joint replacement surgery.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is the number one cause of pain and suffering in the adult population. The word arthritis means "inflammation of the joint". It is estimated that one out of every seven adults suffers from some type of arthritis

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Conservative Treatment

The treatment of arthritis can include several options depending on the type and severity of involvement. In general, the use of heat, rest, and exercise can be helpful to those with arthritis. 

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Surgical Options

When conservative measures have failed to provide any relief or the disease progresses beyond control, surgical options may be considered.

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Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery is a procedure where the arthritic areas of the joint are removed and the bone ends capped with man-made implants.

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Benefits of Surgery

Because of the dramatic ability to improve a patients lifestyle and activity level, hip and knee replacements have become one of the most successful operative procedures around. 

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Potential Complications

As with any surgical procedure, complications can occur. Prosthetic joints can become infected. However, with the use of special operating rooms, antibiotics, and improved surgical techniques, the risk of infection should be less than one percent.

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Obesity and Joint Replacement

Obesity is a condition that increases the risk of complications during and after total joint replacement surgery. Statistics show that a severely obese patient is six times more likely to develop a medical and/or surgical site complication than a patient with a healthy weight. 

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There are a lot of common questions people ask who are considering total joint replacement.

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