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Dr. Eric Monesmith is a total joint replacement surgeon at OrthoIndy South located in Greenwood and OrthoIndy Hospital in Indianapolis. He specializes in treating hip arthritis and knee arthritis with joint replacement surgery to relieve pain and restore joint function.
A graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Monesmith completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at Loyola University Medical Center. After completing his residency, he pursued advanced training in total joint replacement and cartilage transplantation and completed the prestigious Aufranc Fellowship in constructive joint surgery at the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. He was awarded the Schwartz Traveling Fellowship and studied cartilage transplantation in Gothenburg, Sweden and hip replacement in Exeter, England.

In 2015, Dr. Monesmith was named the 2015 Bone Bash Indy Gala Honoree by the Indiana Arthritis Foundation for his contributions to help Hoosiers live a healthier life. Watch the video below created by The Indiana Arthritis Foundation. 

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