Patient outcomes in hip and knee patients

Dr. Monesmith uses the following methods to improve his patients' outcomes after joint replacement surgery.

New Surgical Pain Management Techniques

As a total joint specialist, Dr. Monesmith has utilized a “multimodal” pain management protocol for all knee and hip replacement patients for many years to help them know what to expect after total joint replacement surgery. 

This protocol begins with preoperative medications which are taken one to two days prior to surgery to help stop knee or hip pain before it begins. On the day of surgery, our talented team of anesthesiologists will use nerve blocks specifically designed for either a hip or knee replacement to keep you comfortable. Then, medicines to limit postoperative nausea and vomiting, and multimodal pain medications are used to treat different pain pathways after surgery. 

The addition of joint injections during surgery helps dramatically reduce pain, allowing you to participate in exercises with a physical therapist just a few hours after surgery. With these techniques, many patients go home comfortably and safely after one night in the hospital.

Genetic Testing

Dr. Monesmith utilizes pre-operative genetic testing to know exactly which pain medicine will be best for each patient. With a simple cheek swab done in the office, this testing allows Dr. Monesmith and his team to tailor your post-operative pain management to your specific genetics. This improves pain relief, reduces narcotic needs and lessens potential side effects. 

By combining all these steps, Dr. Monesmith can help patients feel better with fewer medicinal side effects, return home safely and comfortably and have an overall better surgery experience. 

Package Pricing Program

Dr. Monesmith, in conjunction with OrthoIndy Hospital, has developed a package pricing program for primary hip and knee replacement, as well as partial knee replacement. This program offers a unique option of payment for our international patients or those who choose to seek care outside of traditional insurance programs. 

We offer a single price that covers preoperative testing, hospital care, postoperative follow-up care and physical therapy if done within our system. Physicians fees, implant costs, medicines and even necessary durable medical equipment are covered in this one price. Because we are a single specialty hospital, we can offer world-class orthopedic services at very competitive rates. For more information, please contact Dr. Monesmith’s office directly.