Patient Testimonials

Patients share their success stories after receiving a total hip or knee replacement from Dr. Monesmith. 

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne Lichtman was living a life of denial for years. She told herself she had a temporary problem that would go away on its own. Her constant hip pain prevented her from attending hiking club, gardening and enjoy family vacations. Dr. Monesmith performed hip replacement so she could return to a pain-free lifestyle.

However, Suzanne still refused to face the facts. She tried to do physical therapy to get her hip back in shape, instead of the surgery. Suzanne limped horrifically. Her entire body leaned to the side as she walked. The pain was constant. She was forced to drop out of her beloved hiking club because she could no longer walk a mile, let alone five. Suzanne had to buy a self-propelled lawn mower because she could no longer cut her lawn with a push mower. Not only was her pain affecting her body, it was also affecting her relationship with her family.

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