Active studies for Dr. Frank Kolisek

The following studies are conducted by OrthoIndy total joint surgeon, Dr. Frank Kolisek. For more information about his studies, please contact Charles Jaggard.

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  • Biolox Delta: 5-year prospective study of ceramic femoral heads on poly liners
  • Multi-Knee Study: Comparison of PS, CR, MBK, and NRG knee designs at 10 years
  • Accolade I: Long-term follow-up this hip system
  • Accolade II: Early results of this hip system
  • Avon PFA: Long-term f/u of a unicompartmental (patellofemoral) knee system
  • BCR Knees (bicruciate retaining): Maybe sponsored or surgeon-initiated - knees not available for another year or two
  • DJO E-stim: Prospective study of new knee brace with active TENS unit
  • Lilly OAAB: Tissue sample collection in rheumatoid patients undergoing TKA
  • LIS TKA: Minimally invasive knee surgery
  • N2Vac vs. Xfire vs. X3: a comparison of three bearing surfaces
  • Out vs. In TKA: 23 hour stays versus overnight
  • PS MBK IDE: Scorpio Mobile Bearing Knee system
  • Rejuvenate Monolithic Hip Stem: A new monolithic stem
  • Scorpio CR Knees: Long-term follow-up of a cruciate-retaining knee design
  • Scorpio PS Knees: Long-term follow-up of a posteriorly-stabilized knee design
  • Secur-Fit Stem: 10-year Comparison between Omnifit HA and Secur-fit stems
  • ShapeMatch Cutting Blocks: New "anatomical" cutting blocks for total knee arthroplasty