Frequently Asked Questions

At OrthoIndy, we want you to have a good experience and would like to help in any way possible to make sure that happens. In anticipation of your surgery, we would like to share some of those questions to prepare you for your stay. 

How long will I be at the hospital?

The length of time you spend at the surgery center or hospital will be dependent on the complexity of your operation. The majority of the time, you will be leaving the same day (outpatient). Sometimes, you may need to stay overnight and leave the next morning (23-hour stay) or stay longer (inpatient). Dr. Gudeman will usually inform you before your surgery the type of above surgical category you will be placed. Sometimes, the complexity of the surgery is determined at the time of surgery and Dr. Gudeman may inform you after surgery that your stay will be shorter or longer than expected.

What should I wear to surgery?

Wear something warm, comfortable and baggy that can easily be taken off over heavy bandages. (Sweats work well for knee surgeries and large fitting button up shirts work well for shoulder surgeries.)

Should I take my medications before coming?

An anesthesia nurse will contact you to go over your medical history and discuss your medications. There is a list of medications you will receive in the mail with your surgery packet. Please read over this list and see if you are taking any of the mentioned medications.

If I am diabetic, can I take my insulin?

The anesthesia nurse will discuss this with you also.

Will I be put to sleep?

Your surgery will depend on what type of anesthesia you receive. You can ask when you schedule the surgery what type of anesthesia you will be given. Dr. Gudeman will usually discuss the type of anesthesia during the office visit when surgery is discussed. You will see the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery and you can ask him/her any questions or concerns about the type(s) of anesthesia you will have for the surgery.

How long should I expect to be there?

You will need to arrive one and a half to two hours prior to your surgery time. If you are not an overnight case (23-hour stay), then we will keep you about one to two hours after surgery. Recovery (how long you stay after surgery), however, can vary and will be dependent on the complexity of the case and how you wake up after surgery. Dr. Gudeman’s PSC’s who schedule the surgery, Danielle or Monica, will inform you when to arrive for surgery and will tell you the anticipated length of surgery.

Can I have something to eat before surgery?

Nothing to eat, drink, smoke or chew after midnight the night before your surgery unless otherwise instructed by the anesthesia nurse.

Where can friends and family get something to eat while I am in surgery?

There are vending machines in the waiting area or you may bring a snack. If you are an overnight case (23-hour stay), there are several restaurants in the area. We have addresses and phone numbers available. Please ask your nurse for that information.

How many people can stay with me overnight (23-hour stay)?

There is enough room for one person to stay. If there are more people, there is a hotel just north of the hospital on Graham Road. We have worked out a special rate for our overnight guests. Please discuss with your surgery scheduler and she can give you more information.