Are PRP injections and orthobiologic therapies effective?

OrthoIndy doctors have been at the forefront of treatment with orthobiologics for orthopedic injuries and conditions such as arthritic joints, broken bones, injured muscles, tendons or ligaments. Orthobiologics are natural tissue-derived products that orthopedic surgeons use that may help decrease pain and restore function and potentially avoid or delay major surgery, like joint replacement surgery. The orthobiologic substances consist of cells, proteins, glycoproteins and complex carbohydrates that are naturally found in the body.

The goal of the orthobiologics program at OrthoIndy is to provide cutting-edge treatment options with a sound scientific foundation. When non-operative options have failed, our doctors may prescribe platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections or tissue and cell therapies. 

A lot of research has been conducted about the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma injections and orthobiologic injections, incorrectly known as stem cell injections.

Research on orthobiologic therapies and platelet-rich plasma injections