Frequently asked questions

What are clinical trials (studies)?

A clinical trial or study is research using human volunteers to find answers to questions that will add to general medical knowledge. The details for each trial are different. If you are taking part in a study, the specifics will be explained to you in detail by the study doctor and his/her staff.

Who sponsors clinical trials?

Clinical trials can be sponsored by medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, foundations, individuals or medical institutions.

What are the benefits of taking part in a clinical trial?

There are several potential benefits when participating in a clinical trial. These include a chance to help learn about your medical condition, the chance to receive a new treatment, the chance to hopefully find better ways to treat or prevent conditions or diseases in the future.

What are the risks of taking part in a clinical trial?

There are potential risks with any study. These can include no improvement in your condition, side effects from treatment, more frequent visits to the doctor, a chance of receiving placebo or standard treatment versus experimental treatment.

Do I have to take part in a clinical trial?

It is always your choice to participate. Enrolling in a study is voluntary.

I have more questions. Where can I go for answers?

Please refer to the links to federal research agencies. You can also call the ORF at 317-802-2880.