Sports injuries and conditions

Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kollias provides specialized care for injuries that happen during exercise or athletic activity.

As a sports medicine provider for collegiate and professional athletes, Dr. Kollias knows how important it is to remain active and competitive in your sport or activity. While most sports-related injuries affect the knee and shoulder, Dr. Kollias also treats a wide variety of orthopedic injuries.

Football injuries

The most common football injuries consist of sprains of ligaments, strains of muscles and contusive injuries. 

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Basketball injuries 

The most common basketball injuries are ankle and knee injuries.

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Baseball injuries 

Throwing athletes, such as baseball pitchers, repeated high stresses to the elbow can lead to serious overuse injury.

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Soccer injuries

Most soccer injuries involve the lower extremities of the body. Commons soccer injuries can result from sudden twisting movements, a collision or blow, a fall or incorrectly landing after a jump.

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Volleyball injuries 

Muscles, ligaments and/or tendons, cause the majority of volleyball injuries.

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Hockey injuries 

The most common hockey injuries include concussions, knee and shoulder injuries. 

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