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Thank you for choosing Dr. Bales for your knee, shoulder and sports injuries and conditions in Brownsburg and Greencastle.

As a former hockey player at Notre Dame, Dr. Bales knows how devastating an injury can be to an athlete. Still active in the sport, Dr. Bales wants to help others remain active and competitive in their sport, activity or whatever their passion may be. Dr. Bales treats a wide range of patients including teenage athletes, semi and professional athletes and weekend warriors with shoulder, knee or sports injuries or conditions.

The following information may be helpful if you or a family member has experienced an orthopedic or sports injury.

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Dr. Bales treats knee injuries and conditions, including ACL tears, meniscus tears and ligament injuries.

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Dr. Bales offers patients non-operative treatment options through orthobiologic therapies, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. Learn how orthobiologic injections may help reduce pain and restore function.



Dr. Bales sees a number of shoulder injuries and conditions, including rotator cuff tears, dislocation, instability and impingement.

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Sports Medicine

Injuries are very common among athletes. Dr. Bales focuses on knee and shoulder injuries but also treats some of the common injuries that occur in sports.

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