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Helping patients return to their optimal activity level is Dr. O'Neill's top priority. Read about different patient stories below.

Marlene Shafer

Imagine living your life in so much pain that you dread going to lay in your bed at night. You walk around hunched over all day and you are barely able to breathe. For nearly 22 years, this was Marlene Shafer’s reality.

Mason Campbell

Eight weeks after spine surgery, patient completes 500 Festival Mini-Marathon for the 17th year in a row.

Repairing A Dream

Russell Hanshaw and his wife had plans to retire and travel the world. His back pain prevented their dream from becoming a reality. 

John Schilling

An avid golfer returns to his favorite hobby after neck surgery.

Linda Rhoads

After back surgery with Dr. O’Neill, Linda begins to enjoy life again. She walks, does daily tasks and even travels without back pain that consumed her life previously.

Christine McCollum

When Christine McCollum came to OrthoIndy for shoulder pain, she had no idea she would end up needing to see a spine specialist that would recommend back surgery.

Greg Marschand

After seeing Dr. O'Neill for a blown out disc in his back, Greg is able to work outdoors and continue to do what he loves.

Meghan Olds

Meghan’s back is free of pain and her leg is no longer numb, weak or tingly after spine surgery with Dr. Kevin O'Neill.

Celeste Grubbs

Celeste gets her life back after a complex spine surgery and spinal fusion with Dr. Kevin O'Neill.

M.D. Kevin O'Neil consulting patient with knee injury

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