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Dr. O’Neill will work with you to understand your back and spine problems and find the best possible treatment for your spine condition. He takes the time to explain your orthopedic injury and the treatment options that are available. He is a practicing spine surgeon within OrthoIndy, which offers a comprehensive approach to spine injuries, including non-operative providers, physiatrists and surgeons. 

If back surgery is determined to be necessary, Dr. O’Neill does everything possible to make sure that each patient has a great outcome. When possible, minimally invasive and motion preserving procedures are considered. As an orthopedic spine specialist, Dr. O’Neill offers patients the best possible results by providing exceptional back, neck and spine treatment at a world-class medical facility.

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The Ultimate Guide to Back Pain Relief

Find out what's causing your back pain and how you can treat it with OrthoIndy's ultimate guide to healing back pain.

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