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Helping patients return to their optimal activity level is Dr. Gudeman’s first priority. Read about Dr. Gudeman's featured patient and other patient stories below.

Kendra Lancaster

Kendra suffered an ACL tear when she was in a head on collision with another vehicle. Under Dr. Gudeman’s care, she was able to able to compete in the 2012 U.S. Paralympic Women’s Sitting Volleyball games in London.

Kristina Appelhans

Kristina overcame many obstacles during her time as a collegiate athlete at Franklin College. Dr. Gudeman helped to reconstruct her ACL after a pre-season basketball injury her senior year. She was able to return to play her sport and live an active lifestyle

Stacie Volz

Stacie, a crossfit enthusiast and mother of two, overcame an ACL tear and returned to the gym within the time frame she expected. Dr. Gudeman and his team worked with Stacie to determine the best course of action to address her ACL tear and to help her achieve her goals in and out of the gym.

Dan Postlewaite

Dan Postlewaite can now golf with his wife after two rotator cuff surgeries with Dr. Scott Gudeman.

M.D. Scott Gudeman consulting male patient

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