Dr. Timothy Weber's orthopedic interests 

Dr. Weber is an orthopedic trauma surgeon (an orthopedic surgeon who has completed an extra year of training in trauma). He cares for patients with musculoskeletal injuries, in particular, foot trauma injuries. His specialty includes patients with simple isolated fractures (broken bones) as well as patients with multiple severe injuries (multiple broken bones) due to accidents (automobile, motorcycle, etc.), falls from height, or crush injuries. 

He cares for both male and female, pediatric and adult patients. He manages all fractures of the extremities and pelvis. He doesn't take care of injuries to the spine and rarely of the hand. 

He has several special interests in trauma. First, and foremost, he is passionate about the care of patients who have sustained foot and ankle trauma. This includes, in particular, any injury to the lower tibia (shin bone) or more distal (pilon, calcaneus, talus, navicular/cuboid, lis franc, etc.). 

He also has a strong fondness for the correction of post-traumatic deformity. Unfortunately, this can occur despite one’s best effort, with any fracture. When this does occur, it can be associated with limited function, pain or both. The correction of a mal-union (crooked bone) can be very rewarding for both the patient and Dr. Weber by increasing function and decreasing pain.

He has assembled a select team to assist him to these ends. They were specifically chosen because of their unique talents in the care of patients with the injuries listed above. As a team, they look forward to helping you in the management of injury or deformity. If Dr. Weber and his team can be of assistance, please contact them at 317.917.4126.