Dr. Weber's personal life

Dr. Timothy Weber was born and raised in St. Louis, Michigan and was the youngest in a family of four. While growing up, he loved participating in sports. He always played at full speed, which led to some great times but also to some injuries. Unfortunately, most of these injuries were broken bones. Dr. Jennings was his orthopedic surgeon during this time and ultimately became a role model for him as he explored career choices.

After graduating from St. Louis High School, he went to Michigan State University and obtained his bachelor's degree in physiology. More importantly, he met his wife-to-be during my junior year at MSU. Then, he was fortunate enough to earn an opportunity to attend medical school at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Training in inner-city Detroit added a wonderful dimension to the life experience of a boy who grew up in a small farming community and provided him with an excellent education. During that time, he got married and settled on orthopedic surgery as the area of medicine that he wanted to pursue.

Dr. Weber stayed at Wayne State University and completed his residency in orthopedic surgery. He received wonderful overall training there and developed a passion for two specific areas of orthopedics: trauma and foot and ankle.

Soon, Dr. Weber and his wife were blessed with the first of two daughters. Once he had completed his residency, he chose to pursue an extra year of training called a fellowship. Fellowships are usually one year long and can be completed in several different areas of specialty within orthopedics (hand, sports, spine, oncology, joint replacement, etc.).

He chose trauma and was selected for the fellowship at Harborview Hospital in Seattle, Washington. Not only was this a prestigious place to further his training in trauma, but it also had a strong emphasis on foot and ankle. This turned out to be a very difficult year for him, with long hours and not much sleep. Despite that, it was one of the best years of his life; he knew without a doubt that he had made the correct career choice.

Harborview perfectly prepared him for the type of practice that he is presently engaged in. After the fellowship ended, Dr. Weber and his wife were blessed with their second daughter.

Throughout his many years of training, he was exposed to several wonderful instructors, many of which are world-renown. A few of these have truly become his mentors, but all have shaped him into who he is today.

Upon finishing his training, he joined OrthoIndy. It has turned out to be a wonderful place to raise a family and to practice. He spent 14 years at Methodist Hospital in the trauma department through the OrthoIndy Trauma program.  

Recently, Dr. Weber has moved his practice to St Vincent hospital (along with the entire OrthoIndy trauma program). This is a trauma hospital that gives him all the opportunities that he would want to care for patients who have been injured. He looks forward to assisting his patients with their orthopedic needs.