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Michael Thieken, MD

Fellowship trained arthroscopic surgeon specializing in knee, shoulder and sports medicine injuries and conditions

Michael Thieken, MD


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Dr. Thieken is a fellowship trained surgeon specializing in:

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Sports Medicine

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Indianapolis Monthly Top Doctor

Dr. Michael Thieken received the Indianapolis Monthly's Top Doctors award in 2018 - 2020.


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Everyone at OrthoIndy was fantastic. From the nurses to the receptionists to Dr. Thieken, everyone was kind, compassionate and really made you feel safe. Dr. Thieken even sent a congratulatory card in the mail when I graduated high school, which was so thoughtful and meant a great deal to me.

Natalie Antoni


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How to avoid shin splints

Shin splints are due to stress across the tibia (shin bone). Typically, shin splints are the result of repetitive impact activity such as running or jumping on hard surfaces.

Overuse Injuries

Anything that causes too much stress on the tendons, muscles, bones or joints can result in an overuse injury. Typically this occurs in someone who begins a new workout activity or sport and attempts to do too much too soon.

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