Free Spine MRI Review

Living with chronic back pain isn’t normal; however, the number of people suffering from back pain is on the rise. If you are experiencing back pain, the first step to recovery is figuring out what is wrong and figuring out if and when to have back surgery.

To help you find relief from back pain, the orthopedic spine specialists at OrthoIndy are now offering FREE reviews of your spine scans.

If you or a family member had an MRI done at another facility in the past 12 months, you can submit your scans for review without ever coming into our office or scheduling an appointment. To start the process, please fill out our online form.

You will need to obtain the images from the facility who performed the MRI. Once OrthoIndy receives the scans, one of our orthopedic spine specialists will review your image and provide a diagnosis so you can better understand your condition, understand back surgery risks, consider orthopedic surgery and choose the best treatment option.

If treatment is needed, the OrthoIndy Spine team would be happy to schedule an appointment to start your personalized treatment plan and the best surgery success for back pain. OrthoIndy offers non-operative and surgical treatment options to treat your spine injury or condition.

Thank you for choosing OrthoIndy Spine for your back and neck conditions. We hope to provide you with the best non-operative or back surgery recovery.


Patients should know that having your spine images reviewed by an OrthoIndy spine surgeon will provide you with valuable information about your condition and may make obtaining the appropriate care for your problem easier.  However, the review of your images is NOT a diagnosis and is NOT a substitute for being seen by a physician in the office. Our hope is that having the images reviewed will allow you to make better decisions about your treatment going forward.