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Dr. Poulter is an orthopedic surgeon who will work with you to understand your problem and find the best possible spine recovery treatment.

The following information may be helpful if you or a family member has experienced a spine condition or injury. Learn more about back surgery types, common procedures, when to get back surgery, back surgery recovery and physical therapy protocols.

Conditions & Injuries

Your spine includes the bones in your neck and back - a column of 33 bones or vertebrae and tissue that extends from your skull down to your pelvis. Trauma to the spine can lead to long-term nerve damage or disability. Dr. Poulter is trained to treat strains, disc disease, fractures, and most other spinal conditions or injuries.



Dr. Poulter is a fellowship trained spine surgeon who performs the latest surgical procedures and techniques to achieve surgical success for back pain.


Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation is an important process in surgery success for back pain. Dr. Poulter may prescribe exercises for you to complete in the hospital after surgery or after you have returned home.



Ultimate Guide to Back Pain Relief