OrthoIndy Hospital Pricing List

In compliance with federal law, OrthoIndy Hospital provides a price list for the services provided at OrthoIndy Hospital. Download the following links and search the file using the name of the procedure.

Please Note: Insurance coverage and opportunities for financial assistance mean you will likely not pay this amount.


Cost Estimate

OrthoIndy Hospital understands the importance of making available an estimated cost of care prior to admission or receiving hospital services. It is our policy to offer pricing information for all hospital services to help you better understand the potential financial cost associated with your care. To obtain an estimate of potential charges regarding your hospital care, pricing information is available by contacting the scheduler who is scheduling your services or billing department at 317.773.4225 or 1.800.894.0317.

All physician, and or services sent out of OrthoIndy (labs, pathology, radiology, etc.) or associated with your hospital stay are billed separately and will not be included in the hospital estimate. Use the above resource links to see your Surgeon and Anesthesiologist estimates and other hospital pricing.

What you need to obtain for a price estimate

To help us provide you with the most accurate price estimate, please have this information handy before you contact us:

  • Description of services - Call or contact your physician’s office for a detailed description of services. Please ask for the CPT procedure code, if available. The more we know about the services you are interested in, the better we are able to estimate the cost.
  • Type of services needed - Outpatient or inpatient (overnight stay at the hospital)
  • Location of service
  • Physician/specialist name