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Treating pain in the hand, wrist or elbow

Hands, wrists and elbows are intricate parts of the body with many bones, muscles and ligaments working together. Injuries to these areas are fairly common from sports activities, work-related tasks, injuries from hand tools or lawnmowers and other accidents. The orthopedic specialists at OrthoIndy can handle a wide range of conditions or injuries in the hand, wrist or elbow.

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Common hand and upper extremity issues treated at OrthoIndy 

No matter what we are doing, we generally use our hands all the time. Due to overuse from repetitive motion or an acute injury such as a fall or sports-related accident injuries to the fingers, hand, wrist or elbow are common.

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Ultimate Guide to Hand, Wrist and Elbow Injuries

The Ultimate Guide to Hand, Wrist and Elbow Injuries

Whether it’s carpal tunnel syndrome, a broken finger, wrist arthritis or tendinitis, learn when to seek treatment, how to return to work after a hand injury and how to prevent these common injuries.

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