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Treating hip pain

Whether from a fall, arthritis or overuse injuries, hip pain can make it difficult to walk and reduce quality of life. The hip is the most flexible free-moving joint in the body. It can move backwards and forwards, from side-to-side, and can perform twisting motions.The hip specialists at OrthoIndy are trained to diagnose causes of hip pain and treat minor injuries as well as total joint replacement.

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Common hip issues treated at OrthoIndy 

Total hip replacement

A total hip replacement may be necessary when chronic pain and poor function of your hip is hindering your quality of life and non-surgical treatments have brought no relief. Chronic hip pain and disability is often caused by arthritis. Other issues requiring total hip replacement may be a fracture or dislocation. Total hip replacement surgery involves:

  • Removing the diseased or malfunctioning part of the joint
  • Replacing it with an artificial hip
  • Customizing the fit of the artificial joint
  • A short hospital stay, usually just a day or two
  • Physical Therapy

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The Ultimate Guide to Total Hip Replacement Surgery

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