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Shoulder care for injuries, degenerative diseases and other conditions

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Why does my shoulder hurt?

You use your shoulder for little tasks every day, making this frequently-used joint susceptible to a wide variety of injuries and discomfort. If an injury or aching shoulder is keeping you from fully using your arm, it’s time to explore pain relief options. 

Common shoulder issues treated at OrthoIndy

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Treating shoulder pain

Shoulder injuries of the ligaments, muscles and tendons are most commonly caused by activities that involve excessive and repetitive overhead motion. Shoulder pain is the most common symptom of a shoulder injury.

The shoulder doctors at OrthoIndy are trained to treat tears, dislocations, and most other shoulder conditions or injuries. Our specialists will diagnose the cause of your shoulder pain and offer treatment options to relieve your pain.

Treating rotator cuff injuries

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that hold the bones of the shoulder joint together. The rotator cuff is what allows us to lift our arm and reach overhead. If not treated properly, a rotator cuff injury can result in loss of full shoulder function. 

Rotator cuff injuries occur most often in people who repeatedly perform overhead motions in their jobs or sports. Painters, construction workers or athletes in swimming, baseball or tennis are prone to this type of injury.

A rotator cuff injury often starts as a dull ache in the shoulder, which often worsens when you try to sleep on the injured side. Sometimes a rotator cuff can tear suddenly in a single injury requiring medical attention as soon as possible.

The best shoulder surgeons in Indianapolis

OrthoIndy’s world-class shoulder doctors and shoulder replacement surgeons provide cutting-edge solutions for patients with the most severe shoulder conditions and injuries.

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Urgent Care

OrthoIndy Urgent Care is intended for patients with recent injuries, sprains or broken bones.

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“Dr. Kollias knew my goal and worked hard to get me there. I had researched his background and knew his sports medicine expertise would get me back on track. He was great to work with and put me in physical therapy the day after surgery.”

Janice Swan