Providing fellowship opportunities at OrthoIndy

The Orthopaedic Research Foundation (ORF) facilitates research and education for the OrthoIndy fellowship programs. There are currently two fellowship opportunities available with the OrthoIndy Trauma team.

Trauma Fellowship

The fellowship is overseen by the OrthoIndy Trauma physicians. The faculty includes Renn Crichlow, Gregory Dikos, David Kaehr, Greg Reveal, and Timothy Weber. The fellowship is OTA accredited.

For more information, please contact our trauma fellowship coordinator, Kim Fitzpatrick at 317.802.2496 or email.

Past Fellows

Justin Kuether, MD; Medical School, University of Chicago; Residency, Yale New Haven Hospital.
Parker White, MD; Medical School, University of Mississippi; Residency, University of Mississippi.

Kevin Henrichsen, MD; Medical School, Jefferson Medical College; Residency, Allegheny General Hospital.
Anna van der Horst, MD; Medical School, University of North Carolina; Residency, University of Utah.

Andrew Bodrogi, MD; Medical School, University of Western Ontario; Residency, University of Ottawa.

Daryl Dillman, MD; Medical School, University of Calgary; Residency, Dalhousie University.
Ross Smith, MD; Medical School, University of Tennessee; Residency, West Virginia School of Medicine.

Lance Jacobson, MD; Medical School, Medical College of Wisconsin; Residency, University of Utah.

Charlotte Orr, MD; Medical School, University of Kentucky; Residency, University of New Mexico.

Adam Cota, MD; Medical School, University of British Columbia; Residency, McGill University.

Brandon Horne, MD; Medical School, Uniformed Services University; Residency, University of Texas Health Science Center.

Emily Squyer, MD. Medical School, University of British Columbia; Residency, McGill University.

Patrick J Laboe, MD; Medical School, Loyola in Chicago; Residency, Michigan State University Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies.
Peter D Fredericks, MD; Medical School, University of Arizona College of Medicine; Residency, Oregon Health and Science University.