Great care starts with great people.

From nurses and surgical techs, to those at the front desk or behind the scenes, the people of OrthoIndy are the backbone of our award-winning care and patient satisfaction. And no one knows better the importance of maintaining a healthy backbone than we do. Read on to see what sets TEAM OI apart.

I am the backbone to great care. I promise to create the best patient experience possible through my attitude, attention to detail and professionalism.
I am the backbone to our reputation. My patients have confidence in us because they are always treated with respect and compassion and know that I am committed to their rights, safety and health.
I am the backbone of my team because I don’t have to do it alone. My team has my back and I have theirs. I ask for help when I need it and offer help when I can. I am surrounded by great people who support me and want me to be successful.

Experience the Difference of Being an OrthoIndy Employee

“OrthoIndy offered me an opportunity to, once again, love being a nurse. I arrive at work everyday knowing that my coworkers are helpful, and that my patients are thankful for the care they receive. The hospital is clean, the assignments are realistic, the doctors are kind and we are rewarded well for doing our jobs. The nurses here go above and beyond for their patients because they care. The worst day at OrthoIndy is still better than an average day where I previously worked, it is simply a great/positive place to work!” – Current Registered Nurse

“OrthoIndy is a fantastic place to use and develop my nursing career. I’m provided with the time to give each patient individualized care. I’m always provided with the tools I need to make my patient’s experience truly outstanding.” – Current Registered Nurse

“In my time here, I have felt heard, I have felt secure in my job, I have felt like a part of something bigger. OI has been so enjoyable. We have smaller, close-knit departments that communicate well and overall, function well. When they say management is involved, they mean it. Management here is helpful and full of guidance. My questions are always answered and I don’t feel “stuck.” We have so many resources and that’s something I appreciate in an office-based setting. Having history in the healthcare industry gives you expectations, but with this company, my expectations have been exceeded and more. That is SO rewarding.” – Current Patient Service Coordinator

“OrthoIndy has always been a wonderful company to work for. They go out of their way to take care of their employees and always make me feel appreciated. I am so blessed to work for such a great company and I feel a great sense of security working for them. I couldn’t imagine working any other place, nor would I want to. – Current Clinic Coder

“Working at OrthoIndy has given me a lot of validation in what I do as a CST and appreciation in being a healthcare provider. The people are friendly and it has a family feel. OrthoIndy is one of the top providers in Orthopedic care and it is an honor to be part of such an awesome team.” – Current Certified Surgical Technologist

“Each year and each shift has brought new challenges, professional growth, and learning opportunities. My manager is truly invested in our department and readily accessible. Actually, all of the patient care team is available, something new employees find surprising. This team work is what makes OrthoIndy strong. I am fortunate to be part of TEAM OI.” – Current Registered Nurse

“Working at OrthoIndy I am empowered, as a nurse and an individual. To be surrounded by excellence in service and continuous innovation inspires me to provide excellent quality care. Every day I am filled with gratitude because our clients are so appreciative of the care they receive.” – Current Registered Nurse

“I am impressed with the OrthoIndy leadership as a whole and the company makes me feel valued and appreciated for my work. What I love most about working for OrthoIndy is the positive team environment in my department. I value how well everyone works togther. My co-workers have been so helpful, patient and eager to help whenever I’ve ahd any questions and are always willing to lend a hand if needed. Our department has an awesome manager and she sets the tone for the rest of our department. I can’t say enough good things about her and her leadership. She is a great asset to OrthoIndy and she makes her employees feel valued and appreciated.” – Current Registered Nurse

“I cannot say enough positives about my experience with OI. The respect and kindness that I have experienced sets OI apart from any other company I have worked for. Although the entire hiring experience has been great, my manager treats me and all of our staff members with the utmost respect. I have never worked in an environment that not only stated that they care, but that shows it. My experience at OI makes me want to report to work and do my very best!” – Current Registered Nurse

“OrthoIndy believes in growth and they truly value their employees! I personally love the culture, recognition, and team effort that seems to be shared amongst various departments. If I need help and I call someone, I sense their willingness and smile on the other end of the call. We are TEAM OI and we strive to give the best care to the patients!” – Current Clinic Services Manager


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